Become The Man She Wants – Taking Control

Taking Control.

So, I’ve begun to notice that not all the tips on this website can apply to everybody. We all talk about being alpha and acting as an alpha would. But, to the recovering AFC’s who have girlfriends (yes, they are out there), this can seem way out of character. This can cause some major turmoil within a relationship. So I have compiled a way to do this slowly so the girlfriend doesn’t freak out. And, I have entitled it, “Taking Control.”

So, at this point, most rAFC’s are NOT in control of the relationship. Eventually, as we know, this will lead to a breakup. The girl will lose interest simply because the guy she met on adultfrinendfinder will not take control. So what are we to do? Obviously, we need to take control. But, making this transformation overnight will, most likely, make the chick very angry. Nobody wants to lose control that fast. So, I have laid out the steps to take control slowly and effectively.

Step One: STOP doing every thing she tells you. You MUST start acting independently. Get busy. If you aren’t busy, pretend like you are. The only way to take control of your relationship is to take her off that damn pedestal. YOU are the man and you need to start acting that way.

Step Two: DO NOT continue to treat her like a queen. Do not return every single one of her text messages; do not answer every single one of her calls. I really don’t care if she’s your girlfriend. She will not be for long if you continue to treat her this way. If you have not yet, read The Player’s 10 communication commandments.

Step Three: Stop obliging to her requests to see you everyday, or however often she wants to. This kind of goes back to the whole “being busy” thing I mentioned earlier. You only see her on your terms. In fact, for a while, the only time you can agree to see her is when you suggest it. If she asks for Thursday, tell her no. She can have Friday night. This is just an example, but I hope you can get the idea.

Step Four: Take the initiative to set up dates. No more of that “where do you want to go?” You don’t care. You two can go where YOU want to go. Sure, she can suggest places, but YOU need to be the one who decides.

Step Five: Act cocky and funny around her. Show your confidence in yourself by saying things like, “You know, you are really lucky to get to some spend time with me.” Or, “You got lucky, look who just arrived!” Trust me, she will really like this new side of you. Don’t forget being playful… otherwise you’ll look arrogant.

I know that these are all things that an alpha male should be expected to do, I was just hoping to lay it all out in one place and to also emphasize the importance of taking it slow. I can guarantee success if you take this slow. I can not guarantee success if you implement everything tomorrow. Your girl will wonder what the hell just got into you and get really pissed off. Chances are you’ve can’t quite handle that. So for now… take it slow.

So… to the AFC’s with girlfriends, heed my advice. Once you have control over the relationship, you’ll never have to worry about being dumped again. However, remember that if things ever do go sour, you can not be afraid to drop her.

Thanks for reading and I hope it helps.

Your Friend,