Dating is probably the biggest opportunity for most men

So, instead of having these four hour extravaganzas where you spend all this money, you spend all this time. But what’s more important, is that the “it” that you’re doing eclipses the way you get along. That just really blew it away for me. It’s invaluable.

Lance: Yeah, I mean I got a lot of really good results on my dates, you know. And here’s the thing, And here’s I think why dating on adultfrinendfinder is probably the biggest opportunity for most men. A lot of guys still come to me and say they don’t need any help with dating. They don’t really understand dating. They don’t really understand what dating is about.

Let me just say it in black and white so it’s very clear. If a woman agrees to go out on a date with you and she dresses up, she does her hair, she puts on her makeup, and she gets in her car, she gets in a cab and goes somewhere to meet you because she put something in her calendar. If she does that and she shows up she wants to sleep with you.

Andy: Yes.

Lance: Period. She wants to sleep with you. And maybe she doesn’t want to sleep with you that night or maybe she does. Most of the time, I think for any woman, even for a woman that never sleeps with a guy on the same night, even a woman who doesn’t sleep with men until she’s dated them for three months, even that woman she wants things to go so well. She wants to be swept off her feet so completely. She wants to have that moment she’s been waiting for so completely realized that she sleeps with you right then and there on the first date. That’s what she wants and if that doesn’t happen she’s a little disappointed.

Andy: Yeah and that’s your fault.

Lance: You didn’t do your job right. It doesn’t mean that you need to sleep with every woman on the first date but she definitely wants to sleep with you at some point. If it doesn’t go there she’s more than disappointed.

Andy: Yeah.

Lance: She’s like “well I wasted my time. It didn’t go well, maybe the next guy.”

Andy: Yeah, especially when you talk to female friends (that you’re not interested in dating) when they go on dates, they’ll tell you afterwards, “Gosh, I really thought that he would be that guy.” And she is so disappointed when he didn’t step up.