First Impressions Stick… So Make GREAT Ones

You know how they say that a first impression takes 10 seconds to make and 10 years to change? Well, that’s pretty much true.

But, people usually say it in such a negative way. As if to say “You had better make a good impression or that woman isn’t EVER going to like you.”

But there IS a very positive side to it also…

In the same way that it takes many good interactions to change a bad first impression, it takes a lot of screw-ups and bad interactions in order to change a good first impression.

As long as you leave a stellar first impression on a woman you can afford to make a few mistakes later on.

The unchangeable nature of first impressions actually works in your favor IF you know exactly how to make good first impressions.

So, that begs the question… how can you leave a positive, lasting impression on a woman that you just met on adultfriendrfinder? How can you keep her from immediately sticking you in the “loser category” in her mind? How can you project the kind of exceptional first impression that will have you seared into her mind as a very attractive, very dateable man?

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but in these articles I send out to you I always stress how important it is that a woman respects you. If a woman doesn’t respect you she cannot feel attraction for you.

Respect is to women what looks are to men. A woman dating a man she doesn’t respect is like a man dating a borderline ugly woman.

Yes, it’s that important to them.

So, the trick to first impressions, or at least the biggest barrier to overcome, is just to make sure that they see you as a respectable male, someone that they can admire and lust after.

These types of men are not nervous around women. They are not timid. They do not treat them like they are special. They treat beautiful women just like they treat everyone else.

The problem most men have with first impressions is that they meet a woman and they are intimidated by her beauty. They act a little more passive, they get a little nervous, the get a little tongue-tied… all of which contribute to her getting a bad first impression.

How do you treat a beautiful woman like she’s not a beautiful woman?

That’s hard but not impossible – here’s a little “mind” trick that you can use to make sure that you leave a perfect impression on a woman you are just meeting. This technique is actually being used by all kinds of people from corporate executives who want to leave a good impression on their big clients to people who just want to get ahead socially.


Because it works. Here it is…

Imagine in your mind that this woman you are about to talk to is a close old friend that you haven’t seen for years. You’ve tried to contact them but couldn’t track them down. Seeing them again would delight you, wouldn’t it?

You wouldn’t be nervous. You wouldn’t treat them like they are above you. You wouldn’t be tongue tied.

In fact, your eyes would sparkle, you would smile, you would be energetic and outgoing.

Next time you are about to meet a woman think of her as this “old friend.”

Using this little technique you can “trick” your mind so that you feel and, more importantly, act completely relaxed so that you will leave a great first impression that will, hopefully, stick around for “10 years.”