Meeting women is fun

Lance: And that sets guys back. It can actually set them back weeks or months because you know you see it in their confidence. Then you almost see guys get less and less confidant and less and less skilled as they talk to women during the night because they haven’t been set up properly.

So, during the day you don’t have that problem near as much. There are less women around, but if you’re just kind of living your life you’re going to find that most women are going to have a conversation with you similar like on adultfrienedfinder app and you’re going to get excited and you’re not going to get shot down as much. You’re not going to get beat up as much.

So, that first ‘tipping point,’ is meeting women fun, gets addressed pretty quickly.

Andy: Oh, definitely. Yeah, I know exactly what you’re talking about with the… …When you’re out in the nightclub and you’re not completely warmed up or you’re not at that point where you’re just going out to have fun is just what you’re going out to do. And you’ll see guys, like over that evening, you can see them where they’re really reluctant to start off with and they just kind of start off with a regress.

Where when you’re talking about going out during the daytime, you’re just out there, you’re living your life, it’s “Hey! [There’s a] Cute girl!” I’m going to have to go talk to her.

Lance: It’s like women are just coming to you in your life. You’re shopping for groceries and you met a cute girl. It’s like how awesome is that. I can go out anywhere. I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do. I’m just there getting a bagel and there’s a woman and I have a couple minute conversation and maybe she has a boyfriend and things don’t go on from there or who knows maybe we get a date. But it’s fun either way. It’s fun either way.

Andy: Oh, definitely.

Lance: So, here’s another ‘tipping point,’ Andy that I want to talk about. And this one’s the next one. And this is the ‘tipping point’ where you just have women in your life. There’s women that you’re dating and these don’t have to be your dream, I mean, these don’t have to be a super model or whatever… Just get women in your life, women pursuing you.

Because, man, I can tell and women can tell just by looking at a man if he has women in his life.

Andy: Definitely.

Lance: You can just tell. They just get this glow, man. I don’t want to get all feminine in terms of language and stuff, but guys just get this glow, this spark about them, when they know they can get laid whenever they want. It’s just so important.

Andy: Oh, it’s a beautiful thing.

Lance: And so attractive to women just seeing that in a guy they go well here’s a guy I can trust. If he wants to be with me he has a choice he must really want something about me. So, women really look for that. So, that’s another ‘tipping point.’ It just has to be getting a couple dates and that’s what I love about this system. It’s so easy to get a couple of dates no matter how busy you are.

I am sick of guys telling me they’re too busy to do what I tell them and that’s why I’m excited about this system, there’s no excuses.