Pushing Her To Improve

One thing I’ve found helps build attraction and strengthen bonds with girls is by actively pushing her to improve certain aspects of her life.

Let me give you an example:

My dad is a very passionate fitness coach, shortly after meeting him, his girlfriend got involved in his classes and started training with him regularly. She started to see major improvements over time and no doubt loved him even more for pushing her to make these improvements.

So lets say you have a girl you met on adultfrienedfinder who is great fun and pretty hot, the only trouble is she has pretty low self esteem, and isn’t very confident at all, by using fun and creative ways to push her to improve this aspect you will be forming a very close bond with her. So when someone compliments her on her confidence or she does something that nobody else will, she will remember all you have taught her and how you pushed her. Each time this happens she’ll get a warm feeling inside and her attraction an fondness for you will continue to grow, she’ll reminisce about how far she’s come because of you an will admire and respect you immensely.

Try and make it things that your particularly interested in or passionate about. Like, dancing or something.

This is generally for girls you want to pursue some kind of relationship with in the long run but it can be used in a short term fashion.

Say your at a club and you notice a girl isn’t dancing, in fact she’s looking at the dance floor like it’s the pits of hell or something. When you walk over and question her about it she confirms her fear of dancing and embarrassing herself.

What do you do?

You tell her there’s nothing to be afraid of that dancing is all about having fun and not giving a damn is anybodies watching or not, then you say ” here let me show you ”

Take her by her hands, lead her to the floor, put your hands on her hips and tell her to let herself go and be free!

When your done you drop a cool comment like:

“Good job, you looked good out there, you might just be my favorite student”

One thing I will point out though is that it is easy to land yourself into the friends zone with this, so I suggest while your pushing her to improve herself you keep your kino on point and sexual, make sure your still saying things her friends wouldn’t say..

Like when she makes an improvement you could give her a slap on the butt or say if she gets past a particular hurdle you could say you’ll give her a massage or something as a reward.

Hopefully this’ll help some of you guys strengthen your bonds with you chicks.