What kind of guy are you?

In my years of teaching guys how to approach women, I’ve
noticed that guys who won’t approach generally fall into 2

1. Don’t have a CLUE what to say or do

2. Have TOO MANY ideas on what to say and do

Now, the interesting thing is that NEITHER guy will
approach, but for VERY different reasons.

You see, the first guy won’t approach because he feels out
of his COMFORT zone and will worry that he’ll make a FOOL
out of himself or that people will LAUGH or make fun of him.

I like to use the analogy that it would be like deciding you
want to play guitar, and your first lesson is to go on stage
at an open mike night before you have even learned to play a

I’d be freaking out too if put in that situation.

But the second guy… he has likely spent hundreds of hours
studying material on Internet forums. Maybe he has even
bought a few e-books on how to pickup women.

And based on all this material, he has created a list as
long as your arm of opening lines, stories, routines, and
even gambits like palm reading or mind reading as part of
his bag of tricks.

He thinks he is prepared, but you know what usually happens
with a guy like this… he DOES NOTHING!

It’s The Dreaded Analysis Paralysis!

I don’t know where I first heard the expression “Analysis
Paralysis”, but it’s a perfect description of what happens
to the second guy whem he was using adultfrienedfinder app.

He has so many options on his list (or in his brain), that
when he sees a woman instead of walking up to her
confidently IMMEDIATELY, he instead begins to run down his
list of 173 opening lines and decide which one to use.

If he manages to pick one before the woman leaves (or some
guy that knows what he’s doing begins talking to her), he
then runs through his 87 attraction stories to decide which
one to use.

Okay, he’s got the opener and the story, but wait, how does
he transition from one to the other. And what’s the next

And which routine should he use if she brings up the
‘boyfriend objection.’

And what approach angle should he use.


Kind of painful to even think like that isn’t’ it? I know
it makes my brain hurt.

But even if he was to figure his approach before the chance
to meet her was gone, fact is he has ALREADY BLOWN IT with
her by waiting to approach (and with any other women nearby

If you have been reading my tips newsletter for awhile, have
taken a workshop, or you’re a VIP member, you KNOW that I
stress how CRITICAL the first impression is to your success.

And standing around trying to figure out what you’re going
to do and say, when you’ve got over 1000 possible
combinations is NOT going to make a powerful first

Confusion Will Get You Nowhere

I don’t care who you are, sorting through all of that in
your mind will put you in a state of confusion (at least
temporarily), and it’s impossible to be CONFIDENT when you
are confused.

And I’m sorry, but dazed and confused isn’t attractive.

So let me summarize briefly, we have two guys, one who won’t
approach because he doesn’t know what to do, and another guy
who doesn’t approach because he has TOO MANY choices on what
to do.

Surprisingly enough, the solution to BOTH of those problems
is the SAME. And it’s not only just plain simple, it is at
the foundation of the Active Learning system we have
developed at PickUp 101.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat!

So you can (and should) just have ONE EFFECTIVE routine that
you can use in the two most COMMON scenarios. Then

In no time at all, you won’t have to think about what to say
or do, and you’ll be CONFIDENT during your approach. In
other words your first impression will be getting more
powerful with EACH repetition.

At that point, you could begin a new routine stack for
daygame. Maybe this time experimenting with using Direct
approach methods. But KEEP your original that you now KNOW
is working for you.

Over time you can develop a method for loud clubs, book
stores, gymnasiums, quiet lounges, parties, shopping malls,
coffee shops, etc.

Keep Adding To Your Toolbox

Think of it like building a set of tools. In the beginning
you may just get a hammer, set of screwdrivers, pliers, and
some wrenches. A basic toolbox that handles your most
common needs.

Later you find you need a drill and a bubble level to hang
pictures on the wall. Another time you decided you want to
repair your bathroom so you get a caulk gun, and pipe

Eventually you get a table saw, mitre box, and belt sander
to do carpentry.

This is what I and my instructors do, in each new scenario,
we come up with new tools as needed. But we all started
with just one common scenario and got that down pat.

Do It Now – An Assignment

So here’s some homework for you… take out a piece of paper
right now, and write down a common situation where you would
like to meet women.

Next, plan out exactly how it should go. Remember to
include the approach, body language, and especially to use
kino right away.

Rehearse it in your mind (successfully of course), and then
set a time to go out and practice. Don’t change anything
until you do it at least 10 times, 20 is better. Make small
changes only.

If you have a wingman, tell him what you are doing so he
can help you out.

Do it today. You’ll thank me later.

Now, go meet some women.